We offer our products for

  • food processing sector
  • HoReCa sector
  • retail sector

Other organic product groups

  • Organic fruit and vegetable preserves, compotes, jams, nectars and juices – Tamara Fruit products
  • Organic vegetable and fruit juices, 250 ml, 1000 ml – Hasenfit products
  • Organic Lingonberry beverage, jam, dried – Steiners products
  • Canned sea fish from marine fisheries – Pan Do Mar products
  • Organic yeast and lactose free vegetable spreads – Nabio products
  • Organic canned meat and würstel – Zimmermann products
  • Organic pudding powder, baking powder, vanilla sugar – Amylon products
  • Organic icecreams, sorbets, retail and gastro packing – Rachelli products
  • Organic coffee and chocolate drinks – instant, powdered, ice – Schweitzer poructs
  • Organic sunflower oils- cold pressed, deodorised, 1 l, 10 l
  • Organic rice – white, brown
  • Organic walnut
  • Organic beet sugar, cane sugar
  • Organic aseptic vegetable and fruit purées (for food industry): tomato, pumpkin,
  • ..butternut squash, carrot, apricot, plum, apple
  • Organic paprika powder

Please contact our sales team for detailed information about our imported product lines.